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About Engineered Hardwood Floors

A common misconception is that engineered hardwood flooring is not real wood. The truth is, engineered wood flooring products are comprised entirely of real wood, but done so in a process that makes them both cost effective, and structurally stable. These flooring products provide the same aesthetic look and feel as solid hardwood, and many times come with lifetime warranties. Here are some reasons why engineered hardwood floors may be the flooring you are looking for:

  • They are composed of real wood from top to bottom.
  • The core of the product is produced with layers of real wood whose grain pattern is placed in opposing directions. This "locks" the floor in place, making it less susceptible to warping and cupping over a traditional solid wood floor.
  • The planks are typically pre-finished, which means a quick and clean installation, with a surface backed by a manufacturer warranty.
  • They are easier to install, making the product a great DIY solution.
  • Once installed, they look and feel just like a solid wood floor.
  • They come in wider width options - some as wide as 7"-9". This is not typically possible in a solid floor, because of the structural integrity of the plank, making engineered flooring a great solution to this grand look.

Engineered hardwood flooring is increasing in popularity among those who are looking to install new hardwood flooring. In addition to looking and feeling like more expensive, solid wood floors, they are a cheaper, more resilient solution which is less susceptible to humidity and heat conditions.

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