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Our engineered Acacia hardwood flooring can be recognized by it's unique swirling grain patterns and extraordinary color variations. The Acacia wood species boasts a remarkable rating of 2400 on the Janka Hardness Scale making Acacia wood flooring one of the hardest wood flooring options available. The impact chisel distressing techniques that are applied to all of our Acacia wood flooring products provide a look that will complement any home's style of decor.

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Below Grade, Ceilings, Commercial Use, Dancing, Kids, Over Radiant Heat, Pets, Walls

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About Acacia Flooring

Acacia wood has been popular with builders and decorators for thousands of years, and the Bible even mentions that Noah was to build the Ark with it. Its colors range from a darkly lustrous burnt umber to a lively yellow that is so vibrant that it is almost white. The lighter shades are perfect for the living room or family room, and the darker colors, such as the splendid Cabernet, make any bedroom relaxing and sumptuous.

There are more than 1,300 species of acacia tree in the world today, and they cover locations as exotic as the wood itself. From Hawaii to deep in the Sahara Desert, you will find acacia trees. It is also a strong wood that measures 2,400 on the Janka hardness scale. Its toughness as a wood floor is matched only by its magnificent beauty. The streaks and swirls of its exquisite grain patterns are thoroughly beguiling, and customers can easily obtain a free sample, which we will even ship express.

Among our high-quality, engineered flooring options, acacia is one of the most flexible because of its great variety. We never skimp on quality, and all of our acacia flooring offerings are expertly finished for the utmost in durability and sheen. Some varieties, such as the Cabernet, have nine coats of aluminum oxide, while others, such as our natural acacia that is cut in 7-inch planks, are finished with oil. Still others, like the fabulous Umbria, are brushed with wire before finishing. No matter which type of acacia wood flooring you select, we will strive to keep it affordable for you.

When selecting a wood floor for your home, it is essential to measure the area accurately. Such measuring is crucial because it allows you to order exactly what is needed to complete the job with a minimum of waste. This, in turn, keeps costs under control. There will always be some waste material, of course, but, typically, this is less than 10 percent for a well-measured job. Most of our varieties are cut with a tongue-and-groove pattern that makes installation as hassle-free as possible while still maintaining top-notch ruggedness and beauty. Our products can be glued or nailed to the subfloor; however, many of our flooring options can also be floated, which means they lie unattached on top of the subfloor. This means a skilled do-it-yourselfer can successfully install these products with a minimum of fuss. The biggest advantage to the floated hardwood floor is that it can also be easily removed in case the homeowner wants to install the floor in another room, change colors, or even take it with him or her when moving out.

Maintaining your hardwood floor, even one as tough as acacia, requires weekly cleaning and semiannual deep cleansing. If your choice of floor has a heavy-duty finish, such as urethane, cleaning is as easy as dust, sweep, and mop. If, however, it has an oil finish, you might have to take a piece of fine steel wool to any problem spots and use a solution of water and vinegar to achieve best results. If a stubborn stain still will not come clean, then you should use a small amount of dish soap in the water mixture. Remember to sand gently with fine sandpaper after using steel wool so that the raised grain again becomes smooth. For deep cleansing, use an applicable product specifically designed for hardwood floors.

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