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The planks of our Engineered Birch Hardwood Flooring are characterized by the unique combination of straight and wavy grain patterns that naturally occur in birch hardwood. Our Engineered Birch wood flooring is available in both tongue and groove and click lock styles as well as in a wide variety of carefully selected stains. Whether you are looking for a hand scraped, distressed or smooth finish, you are sure to find a Birch hardwood floor to suit your taste and budget.

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Below Grade, Ceilings, Kids, Over Radiant Heat, Pets, Walls

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About Birch Flooring

Birch flooring offers one of the most rustic, natural looking floors on the market. Available in a range of tones and finishes, it features all the hardness and durability of a hardwood floor.

Birch is generally a smaller tree, and can be found in temperate climates. It’s comfortable in light, well drained, acidic soils, and can rapidly spread across open ground. In flooring, its rippled effect, fine-grain, and attractive color make it a popular choice for buyers.

The Birch family contains a number of species used in hardwood floors. Paper Birch tends to be the softest variety available, usually around 910 on the Janka scale, comparable to Black Cherry in that department. Yellow Birch is a little harder, comparable to certain species of oak. If you’re looking for something harder, sweet Birch is the way to go. In general, Birch is a floor with character, generally holding a lighter sapwood and a darker heartwood. This results in a lovely contrast and action, a great selling point for some buyers.

Our Birch is available in hand scraped, distressed or smooth finishes, and in a variety of stains. Another excellent feature of this hardwood is its versatility. Able to handle boisterous children, pets, and heat, it can hold down a place in most family homes.

All in all, Birch is an excellent hardwood, notable for its relative affordability, durability, and natural beauty.





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