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Exotic Species

Exotic Species


We are proud to offer our engineered hardwood flooring in a variety of exotic species imported from all over the world. These exotic species make for some of the most beautiful hardwood floors and come available in several different stains and finishes. Our exotic hardwood floors are ideal for the consumer looking to make a statement about their taste while transforming their home's interior into a stunning living space.

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About Exotic Species Flooring

For a durable, easy to maintain, and beautiful hardwood option, consider exotic woods. Harvested from around the world, mostly Asia, Africa and South America, these can be some of the most aesthetically pleasing and versatile hardwoods available on the market. 

Exotic woods are growing in popularity, due to the range of options and their natural hardiness. Choices include Australian Cypress, Tigerwood, Brazilian Cherry and Acacia.

Durability is always a consideration for prospective hardwood buyers, and with exotic wood, it’s one that is catered to. Most exotic woods are extremely durable and dent-resistant, and can retain their vibrant colors for years. Brazilian Cherry is an excellent example, being one of the hardest woods on the market. The exotic floor also requires little maintenance, looking crisp for a long time with little effort on the buyer’s part. No special care is necessary, just regular vacuuming and a cleaning solution specific to that floor recommended by a professional.

In terms of comfort, exotic floors tend to be warmer on feet than their counterparts, because they often are natural insulators. This alone can add to the comfort and general aesthetic of the flooring.

Whatever the style of a home, it’s a safe bet there will be a type of exotic floor which complements it perfectly. Be it an open, spacious and light den, or a muted study, with a variety of finishes, exotic wood will fit the bill. Laying an exotic hardwood will also add to the value of a home; a worthy consideration for the prospective buyer and in the future, seller.

All in all, exotic hardwood flooring is an excellent flooring for any buyer, with a plethora of benefits and few weak points, literally and figuratively. From durability to aesthetics, it’s a popular and growing option for prospective buyers.





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