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Our Engineered Hickory Hardwood Flooring is available in 5" wide and 7.5" wide planks. With a rating of 1820 Janka Hardness Scale, Hickory ranks among the hardest North American wood species. This durable hickory flooring comes in both stained and natural finishes that give the floor a rustic and inviting feel that can't be matched.

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About Hickory Hardwood Flooring

With more than 30 varieties of hickory flooring available, it is one of the most versatile products in the inventory. There are enough colors to fill out at least two rainbows, and the flooring is available in smooth, hand-scraped, and distressed varieties. Because of its great diversity, there are also hickory hardwood flooring solutions for almost any budget from opulent to discount. 

There are roughly 20 distinct species of the hickory tree, and this fact contributes to its great versatility. The trees range from North America all the way to the other side of the world in China. Hickory flooring is middle-of-the-road in hardness, reaching 1,820 on the Janka scale. Additionally, the wood is greatly shock resistant, which makes it ideal as an engineered flooring option. The wear layers of Hickory hardwood flooring range from 0.059 inch to 0.157 inch and will stand the twin tests of time and high-traffic. Besides flooring, many different items are crafted from Hickory. In fact, many of the tools used to create distressed, rustic Hickory flooring, such as the sumptuous Burnt Sugar and charmingly bucolic Bayou Brown varieties, are likely to have Hickory handles. The same holds true for the scraping implements used to create the stunning look of hand-scraped, natural Hickory flooring.

All Hickory hardwood flooring options, whether smooth, hand-scraped or distressed, are finished with nine layers of aluminum oxide for a winning combination of sheen and sturdiness. As far as looks go, Hickory offers something for everyone, in addition to the varieties already mentioned. Evoking the floor of a southern distillery, the reddish-brown hue and swirling grain of Bourbon hickory emulate a snifter of sipping corn whiskey. The intimate brown color and warmly subdued sheen of Evening Glow will be at home in front of the fireplace or on the dance floor of a snug, uptown dance club. Schoolhouse Hickory is wonderfully bright and cheery like a fresh-faced country schoolmarm right out of college. Sunset Sand would fit in any upscale beach house, while Honey Spice provides a vibrant two-tone effect that begs for a slide or two in stocking feet.

When dealing with hickory wood floors, decorating is a snap. Not only are there a great many selections from which to choose, the discount price of many of them, when available, lets entry-level or thrifty homeowners make perfectly reasonable flooring choices that are still breathtaking to behold. Hickory's combination of hardness and shock resistance mans it's easy to maintain. A simple dusting once a day will usually be more than enough to keep them gleaming for years. For those times, however, when they do get scuffed or otherwise marked, a commercially available wood-floor-specific cleaner will do the trick. For an even more cost-effective method, a mixture of 90 percent water and 10 percent glass cleaner will also work wonders. For particularly annoying stains, add two cups of vinegar to the mixture. Installation is even easier than cleaning. All hickory flooring selections are engineered with tongue-and-groove connectors, so laying a floor is almost like doing a puzzle. After measuring, decide whether to nail or glue the floor down or to let it float. That's all there is to it.





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