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Russian Elm

Russian Elm
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Our Engineered Russian Elm Hardwood Flooring features unpredictable, swirling grain patterns and extensive hand scraping and distressing throughout. Our Russian Elm wood flooring is available in a number of different stain options, ensuring a flooring color to suit any decor.

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Below Grade, Ceilings, Commercial Use, Dancing, Kids, Over Radiant Heat, Pets, Walls

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About Russian Elm Flooring

Sometimes, the unexpected can be astounding. If you’re looking for flooring that will surprise and entice you, Russian Elm flooring might be the perfect type for you.

Russian Elm, which is also known as European White Elm, is a commonly found along major rivers in Central Europe. However, it spans eastward, crossing Russia and touching the western edges of Asia, giving the tree gets its alternative name. 

Part of what makes Russian Elm special is its water-resistant ability and tendency to deter certain types of invasive pests. In parts of Europe, Russian Elm is specifically cultivated as butterfly havens, helping to restore fleeting populations of the beautiful, winged insects that have been depleted by the ravages of Dutch Elm diseases on other types of Elm. 

Closely related to the traditional American Elm, this species is neither widespread or commonly found in the U.S. However, in places where people are lucky enough to get a glimpse of this hardy tree, it is a remarkable sight. Able to endure harsh weather conditions and grow to magnificent heights, Elm wood is reknown for its flexible qualities, easy to work with and mold. Russian Elm may not be as prominent as other well-known flooring types, but it is a mighty contender for a sturdy elm flooring option.

We offer engineered, hand-scraped Russian Elm flooring of different varieties, including Montelana, Marmont, Golden and Natural. Montelana is the darkest version of this stunning elm flooring series, a blackish-brown hue that stark and striking. Slightly lighter in color is Marmont, a deep brown color that conveys pure luxury. The beautiful tone of the Golden evokes warmth, instilling instant heat to the coldest space. Natural is the lightest shade in the Russian Elm collection, bringing the gorgeous aspects of nature into an interior space.

Each variety of Russian Elm offers unique graining patterns, each panel different from the other. Carefully and specially hand-scraped, this brand of elm flooring is sophisticated, artfully crafted to appeal to high-quality tastes. Although eye-catching, it’s also a sensible choice. Highly resistant to foot traffic and everyday wear-and-tear, engineered Russian Elm is an excellent flooring choice for anyone that wants both style and endurance. 

If Russian Elm flooring piques your interest, but you’re not quite convinced, we get it. It’s difficult to decide on a flooring option until you see it for yourself. Fortunately, we have a perfect solution for you that won’t cost you anything. We’ll express ship a free sample of Russian Elm to you, no strings attached. It gives you the opportunity to discover what Russian Elm has to offer and if it’s the right flooring choice for your home or business. 

Resilient and resplendent, Russian Elm wood flooring is a premium product, but with us you don’t have to break a budget. Top-quality flooring at deeply discounted prices is our specialty. We make sure that amazing hardwood floors are available at competitive rates, including our inventory of Russian Elm. Let us help you find the perfect floor for less. Give us a call today!






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