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Made entirely up of reclaimed and recycled poplar, birch, and eucalyptus, songwood flooring’s quality and beauty is anything but boring. All of the wood is cleaned and sorted by color before it is added to a specific songwood flooring “recipe” batch. The wood is then dried in a kiln and then compressed under 1800 tons of pressure before it is cured. Songwood wood floors can be stained or left in their natural state.

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Below Grade, Ceilings, Commercial Use, Dancing, Kids, Over Radiant Heat, Pets, Walls
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About Songwood Flooring

For an extremely robust hardwood, customers might consider Songwood. Made from a blend of reclaimed hardwoods, it can have surprising color variation, and is one of the most durable hardwoods available.

Songwood is made entirely of recycled poplar, eucalyptus, and birch. All of the gathered elements are cleaned, then sorted by color, resulting in their being added to a ‘recipe’ batch. After this step in the process, the batch is dried, compressed and cured. Of course, different aesthetic results can be achieved with different batches, achieved through either leaving the songwood in a natural state, or applying a stain to finish.

The songwood is generally available in both solid and engineered formats. In this case, solid means that the wood is made from the same strands, but the individual fibers are engineered to make the final songwood more stable than any other solid.





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