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Named for its distinct striated grain pattern, Tigerwood flooring is a stylish and also practical option. It’s a very hard, durable wood rated at 1850 on the Janka Hardness Scale that can resist dents, dings, and scratches. In addition to Tigerwood’s pattern, its opulent chocolate and burnt orange shades are another reason why the South American wood is becoming more popular among trendsetters. Stains and finishes can add even more variability to naturally vivid Tigerwood flooring.

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About Tigerwood Flooring

If you can appreciate feral beauty, brawny resilience, and are on the hunt for the perfect hardwood floor, then Tigerwood flooring could be just what you’re looking for. 

If you've never heard of Tigerwood, we're proud to introduce you one of the most interesting and hardy flooring options on the market. Tigerwood is the epitome of provocative style and hardy substance, working astoundingly well for flooring. Whether or not you've heard of Tigerwood, it deserves a descriptive mention because this wood has a lot going on and all of it is good.

Tigerwood is considered an exotic hardwood because it hails from the dense, tropical rain forests of regions such as South America. Although sometimes overforested, conservation efforts have helped revive this formidable tree and bring its decorative potential and remodeling capability to the front lines of inspirational, award-winning interior décor.

Initially used for instruments such as organs and violins, Tigerwood was eventually utilized for many things, including furniture, utensil handles and decorative boxes. As it is a wood that thrives in rain forests, its water-resistant attributes were noted and Tigerwood became a reliable shipbuilding wood supply. Tigerwood is also able to deflect fungi, pests and rot. Now that its properties are better appreciated and understood, Tigerwood has become an intriguing flooring option for those looking for solid hardwood that offers something extra.

The aesthetic appeal of Tigerwood comes from its unexpected, yet compelling appearance. This type of floor definitely makes a statement. A flooring option favored by architects, professional contractors, interior designers and anyone with an eye for innovative design, Tigerwood flooring has bite, flair and a nice bit of swagger. The brilliance of Tigerwood exist within its contrasts. Banded stripes racing through the wood give Tigerwood its dramatic, tiger-like appearance and name. The sapwood, like many hardwood trees, tends to be lighter in color while the heartwood takes on a tawny color that blends red into brown. With a Janka hardness score of 1850, Tigerwood is indisputably durable. When you choose a Tigerwood, you're getting a beautifully primitive and gorgeous floor.

Could Tigerwood flooring sate your appetite for intriguing décor? Could this be the right floor for you? Maybe you can see its potential, but aren’t sure if it’s the right choice. That’s completely normal and we understand where you’re coming from. That’s exactly why we have the perfect solution for you.

There’s no need to run back and forth between flooring companies and showrooms. Don’t waste gas and time when Tigerwood can come straight to you. We will send you a free sample of Tigerwood and let you decide if it’s the right flooring type for your home or business. We express ship our products, so you won’t have to wait around and delay your flooring decision. Let us help satisfy your hunger for fantastic flooring. 

Get in touch with us today and we'll send your sample right away at no cost to you. We offer deeply discounted Tigerwood products of premium quality. You pay less for superior flooring. Stop waiting when you don't have to. Give us a call and find out if Tigerwood belongs beneath your feet.

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