7.5" Wire Brushed Toulon Laminate

7.5" wide | 84" long | 12.3mm thick | AC3 wear layer
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About this Floor

The flooring that you select to lay in your home should be more than an afterthought, and this is because your flooring solution can define the ambiance in your home. For discerning homeowners who want to showcase their rustic yet sophisticated elegance in their home décor, the Wire Brushed Toulon Laminate gives you a simply classic solution you will love. The laminate slats feature the impressive look of toulon coupled with a stylish gray finish that will differentiate your space from the homes of your friends and neighbors. The laminate flooring features a gorgeous smoky gray hue coupled with lighter shades of gray to accent the detail of the wood grain.

When you make the decision to install laminate flooring in your home, you understandably want to give the impression of real wood floors coupled with the easy care of laminate. The Wire Brushed Toulon Laminate flooring has the brushed finish that boasts texture you can looks and feels like real wood without the hassle associated with caring for hardwood. This laminate floor will add the understated look of casual elegance you want to achieve.

About Click & Lock Flooring

Installing a hardwood floor has never been so easy thanks to our Click and Lock hardwood flooring. These floors were designed with the do-it-yourselfer in mind. The planks are composed of a durable, pre-finished, real hardwood top layer, an HDF core, and a wood backer.

The planks fold down into one another to create a tight, gapless seam. No adhesive, nails, or staples are required. All you will need is the flooring and the underlayment. The result is a floating floor that can be easily installed by the weekend warrior with just basic tools .

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Great For

  • Ceilings
  • Kids
  • Pets
  • Walls
Structural Warranty


Product Type
Click & Lock
Wire Brushed
Garrison Laminate
Install Options
Float • Click & Lock
Care And Maintenance
Floor Care Guide
SF Per Box
2.05 lbs
44.96 lbs

Frequently asked questions

What is a click & lock connection?

A click and lock connection is a type of locking wood floor system that have a constructed interlocking system built in. The planks are specifically machined to “click” and “lock” into place when being installed. No seam glue or adhesive necessary as the planks are built to lock in place.

How are click & lock floors installed?

In a click and lock floor the planks are installed with a “click” together method without nailing or gluing down to the subfloor. A click and lock floor is machined to easily snap together, no glue needed. These floors are ideal for floating and make for the easiest DIY installations as they can be floated on almost any subfloor, concrete, or even existing floor.

How can this floor be installed?

Floating floor installation can be done on almost any sub floor (wood, OSB, concrete, or even existing floors). The term floating refers to the fact that the planks do not need to be nailed or glued down. Floors that can be floated come in a click and lock or a tongue and groove construction. You need to purchase a wood seam glue that will resist moisture and hold the flooring together. A protective pad or underlayment is generally place underneath a floating floor to limit the transmission of sound when walking and as a protectant against moisture.


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