5.5" Hand Scraped Natural Eucalyptus

5.5" wide | 48" long (random length) | 1/2" thick
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About this Floor

Our Hand Scraped Natural Eucalyptus hardwood flooring is one of the most solid, durable, and surprisingly eco-friendly woods on the market. Registering at over 3000 on the Janka Hardness Scale, this floor is as tough as they come - Eucalyptus is one of the best all-around life-proof hardwood floors on the market today!

Eucalyptus is not only an extremely tough wood, but also has all the green benefits of rapidly renewable hardwood. The Eucalyptus tree is extremely fast growing and is generally ready to harvest within 14 years, making this eco-friendly wood a great choice for even the most environmentally conscious. Our Hand Scraped Natural Eucalyptus is finished in Aluminum Oxide with a Tongue & Groove construction style.

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Gloss level

Great For

  • Ceilings
  • Kids
  • Pets
  • Walls
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Product Type
Tongue & Groove
Aluminum Oxide
Hand Scraped
Install Options
Glue • Nail
Care And Maintenance
Floor Care Guide
SF Per Box
2.60 lbs
75.24 lbs

Frequently asked questions

What is a tongue & groove construction?

Tongue and groove is the type of joint construction on wood flooring planks that allow them to easily fit together. One side of the plank has a projection called the tongue while the other side has a groove to match. The panels are laid flat with each tongue fitting into the groove next to it. This allows the planks to interlock seamlessly across the floor.

How are tongue & groove floors installed?

Tongue and groove flooring can be installed in either a glue down, nail down or floating method. If floating tongue and groove, a seam glue is used to adhere the tongue and groove together.

What is a solid floor?

Solid hardwood planks are just as they sound, a solid piece of wood from top to bottom. This kind of wood typically tends to be a denser floor, making them stronger and more durable than other types of constructions. Solid hardwood needs about 2-3 weeks to acclimate in your room/home prior to being installed. Solid floors must be installed above grade only as they are susceptible to moisture and expansion over time. Glue or nail down installation are the only 2 options with solid floors as they generally cannot be floated.

What are the benefits of an aluminum oxide floor?

One of the most popular finishes today, Aluminum Oxide (Urethane) finishes are considered the most durable. Urethane coating creates a plastic-like shield that is extremely scratch resistant. Everyday wear or damage is generally contained to the finish and rarely to the wood underneath. Though often considered a little harder to repair than Oil finished floors, Aluminum Oxide finished hardwoods are some of the most durable and life-proof floors you can buy.

How can this floor be installed?

Glue-down installation process is when the floor is glued to the subfloor using a special flooring adhesive. From a do-it-yourself standpoint, this is generally considered the hardest of the installations and requires a high skill level. As with with nail down, it is best to have a professional installation crew execute this if you decide to go this route for installing your floors. There are many types of glue that can be used but it is important to get a high quality, waterproof flooring adhesive.

Nail down installation is the process of securing the floor to the subfloor with either nails, staples, or flooring cleats. This method requires significant equipment and a professional installer is generally recommended for these types of installs.


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  1. I had searched all the box stores along with smaller locally owned stores for 1/2" hardwood flooring when I came upon Hardwood Bargins web site...

    By Danny Tabor June 15, 2015

    I had searched all the box stores along with smaller locally owned stores for 1/2" hardwood flooring when I came upon Hardwood Bargins web site. I ordered a sample, and Omar, sent out a few others as well.....I picked one of the additional ones that Omar sent.......They scheduled delivery around my schedule and when it arrived everything was just as promised.....Great people to deal with and fast friendly service

  2. Thank you Hardwood Bargains! I really appreciated Donny helping me select the product and great guidance through the process. I LOVE the floors...

    By Rick Nelson June 15, 2015

    Thank you Hardwood Bargains! I really appreciated Donny helping me select the product and great guidance through the process. I LOVE the floors. I'll move forward with the family room just after the first of the year. Thank you Donny!

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