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Birch Hardwood Flooring

The planks of our Engineered Birch Hardwood Flooring are characterized by the unique combination of straight and wavy grain patterns that naturally occur in birch hardwood. Our Engineered Birch wood flooring is available in both tongue and groove and click lock styles as well as in a wide variety of carefully selected stains. Whether you are looking for a hand scraped, distressed or smooth finish, you are sure to find a Birch hardwood floor to suit your taste and budget.

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11 Item(s)

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About Birch Flooring

The classy appeal of birch hardwood flooring is tough to beat. Its light-to-medium color can make a room seem instantly bigger, brighter and warmer. Stylish and versatile, birch wood flooring can be installed in any space on your property, including basements. In addition to aesthetic appeal, birch flooring can also add monetary value to your home or business. If you’re considering installing hardwood flooring, birch could be the way to go.

The birch tree has a noble place in American history. Celebrated in songs and poetry, birch hardwood was what Native Americans and early settlers used to make canoes, one of the most crucial methods of transportation of the time. It was also commonly used to make utensils and tools. Being a cool-weather tree, birch hardwood can still be found throughout northern regions of the U.S., although a few varieties will also grow further south along the Mississippi River.

Besides being an enduring hardwood tree with deep, historical impact, what’s so great about birch hardwood as a flooring option? Obviously, birch knows how to hold its own. After all, it’s been around for a very long time. Resistant and enduring, birch flooring is available in various formats. Derived from specific types of birch trees, birch hardwood flooring typically comes from yellow birch. 

Yellow birch is a mid-grade hardwood that is extremely popular for flooring. It's affordable, plentiful, but most of all, it's exquisite. Based on the Janka scale of wood harness, it is similar to oak. However, its complexity makes for compelling flooring. Yellow birch’s sapwood, the newer layers of the tree, tend to be a lighter shade than its heartwood, the oldest part of the birch. 

When examining a birch hardwood floor panel, you will notice how the outer edge is paler than the center, which has a darker hue. Birch hardwood is fairly uniform, but the interwoven pattern created by wood stages is intricate. In addition to it durability, the visual appeal of birch exists within this contrast. 

When paired together, the delicate newness of sapwood meeting the older resilience of contrast is striking. Distinctive curl patterns thread throughout the wood and lend it a unique character that few other hardwoods possess. Golden brown with red undertones, birch wood is very durable, an important trait when a space has a heavy amount of foot traffic. These hardwood floors also have just the right touch of softness to be shock absorbent and extremely comfortable to walk on. Besides that, this type of hardwood floor is so stunning that it’s almost impossible to ignore.

What’s not to love about this hardwood flooring that has style, substance and historical significance? Not sure if birch flooring is right for your upcoming project? Test it out by letting us express ship a few free samples of birch hardwood flooring to your doorstep. It’s risk-free and a great way to find out if birch is the right type of wood for your floor. You’ll be able to make a choice that feels right for your flooring needs.

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