7.5" Riviera Walling Natural Acacia

7.5" wide | 48" long (random length) | 3/8" thick
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Product description

About the Color

Have your guests in awe with our Smooth Natural Acacia walling which has a stunning marbled pattern that is sure to shine in any room. You will have an added pep to your step when you add this exotic wood to your walls. It will add a new energy to your home as it sports mesmerizing dark and light swirls. The smooth 7” wide planks are filled with lots of character and add a modern and unique feel that no color paint or decoration can do. Our Natural Acacia walling comes in an easy to install planks, which can be done by even the most inexperienced home decorators. We’ve finished the top with 9 coats of aluminum oxide which adds a stunning radiance. Bring this walling into your home and get a pick me up every time you walk in.

Planks measure 7.5" wide x 48" long x 3/8" thick.

About this Wall

This is a real wood walling product made from acacia. It has a beautiful natural stain with riviera walling planks that are finished in oil. The planks have a tongue & groove construction that can be nailed in place for easy removal in the future, or stuck directly to your walls.

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multi ply

Product Details

Product Type
Connection Type
Tongue & Groove
Riviera Walling
Riviera Walling
Nail, Self Stick
Floor Care Guide
Oil Finished Floor Care Guide
SF Per Box
1.10 lbs
26.86 lbs

FAQS answered by TV contractor Jason Cameron

What is a tongue & groove construction?

Tongue and groove is the type of joint construction on wood flooring planks that allow them to easily fit together. One side of the plank has a projection called the tongue while the other side has a groove to match. The panels are laid flat with each tongue fitting into the groove next to it. This allows the planks to interlock seamlessly across the floor.

How are tongue & groove floors installed?

The tongue and groove is can be installed in either a glue down, nail down or floating method. If floating tongue and groove, a seam glue is used to adhere the tongue and groove together.

What are the benefits of an oil finished floor?

Oil finishes are great at bringing out the natural beauty of the wood floor. Natural oil finishes are generally made out of vegetable oils and do not contain waxes or aromatic solvents. Instead of coating the top of the floor, the oil is applied to the wood itself and allowed to cure. The low-shine finish allows it to have a more natural appearance. Damages and wear are less noticeable and can be spot-corrected with relative ease, scratches can be smoothed over at the site of damage with an oil-treated towel.

How can this floor be installed?

Nail down installation is the process of securing the floor to the subfloor with either nails, staples, or flooring cleats. This method requires significant equipment and a professional installer is generally recommended for these types of installs.


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  1. Love it!!

    By Corky January 19, 2016

    My wife and I put it in our bedroom one afternoon. Totally changed the look of our room! Took about 2 hours to do. Was a little tricky at first till we got the hang of it then we got through the rest pretty quick.

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