Solid wood flooring is the ultimate addition to any home. Not only does it possess the beauty of natural wood, but it’s all natural from top to bottom. Essentially, it is similar to any other plank of lumber, sawn directly off the log with no additional materials added. Below, we will introduce you to the basics of solid wood flooring, a long-time popular choice among homeowners.

Finished vs. Unfinished

When it comes to solid wood flooring, you have two options: prefinished wood and unfinished wood. In general, unfinished wood flooring is cheaper than prefinished, but the former does require finishing in your own home. If you’re not into sanding, staining, and sealing, prefinished flooring might be the right choice for you.


When choosing a solid wood floor, it’s important to take note of the hardness of each wood species. Solid woods like Brazilian cherry, acacia, and oak are extremely hard choices, while pine and fir are softer woods. Because solid wood floors are made solely from wood and no other materials, the Janka Hardness ranking is extremely important.


The best part about solid wood floors (Engineered also) is that even if they endure damage, it is easy to fix any plank with simple sanding and refinishing - a luxury that’s not available with options like laminate wood floors.

Solid wood flooring offers a sophistication and beauty that no other type of flooring can offer. This classic choice is the perfect addition to any home, with sustainability and durability that lasts for decades.