The bathroom is widely known as one of the most difficult rooms to find flooring for. Carpet is often out of the question and there’s sometimes a worry that wood will expand due to humidity changes. Luckily, we’re here to help you make an informed decision about some great wood flooring options for your bathroom.

Putting tile around your tub and using an engineered wood floor for the rest is one option that helps give you the best of both worlds. It’s no secret that moisture and wood floors don’t mix well, but engineered wood is a great option for bathrooms because it is designed to prevent expansion and stay looking great for years to come. 


We love the idea of an engineered oak floor in a bathroom without a shower. Showers let off a lot of steam, adding extra moisture into the room and its floors. By just having a large bathtub, less steam is able to escape into your wood, making your floors last for years to come.


This bathroom is like an oasis, with a vanity area opening up into a bathroom that holds a traditional claw foot tub. We love the contrasting looks of dark wood and white fixtures. It adds a fresh, clean look that every bathroom should strive for.

Remember, that you don't have to install wood in the entire bathroom. You can create a warm, inviting space by mixing beautiful wood floors with tile or vinyl and relax knowing that a modern engineered wood floor will stand up to the humidity and temperatures of your bathroom for years to come. Take a look at some of our engineered floors here.