When you think of a comfortable living room, what do you think of? Is it your big TV? What about your plush sofa? Maybe your recliner? Your living room should serve as a relaxing oasis and you need the right additions to help make it just that. In this post, we’ll go over the five elements that make up a comfortable living room.

1. Natural Lighting

Every room needs a bit of natural sunlight to brighten the space and lift the spirits. Try opening your blinds or curtains and letting the sun shine in for a cozier space. At night, try out accent or lamp lighting. These lighting additions dimly light the room, adding a comfortable look to any area.

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2. A Cozy Sofa

The sofa is usually the star of the room, so why not make it plush and relaxing for you and your guests to enjoy? The key to a cozy room heavily focuses on this piece of furniture. A large plush sectional or a Lawson-style sofa embodies a sense of coziness and  invites you to sit down and kick your feet up.

3. Fluffy Pillows

In addition to your cozy couch, you’ll need some unique accessories to add depth and warmth. Fluffy pillows are a great way to make your couch or chair more comfortable without compromising the look or style. Choosing fun designs or your favorite colors help add your unique personality to a portion of your space.

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4. Traditional Wood Floors

Wood floors add a certain level of comfort that no other floor can bring by adding a classic, traditional touch. In a variety of styles, widths, species, and colors, the possibilities are endless. Grain designs and deep tones add a unique feel that carpet or tile cannot achieve.

5. An Inviting Area Rug

Now of course we don’t want you to cover up your beautiful wood floors, but a large area rug adds more depth to your living space and adds a warm place for your feet to land. An area rug ties a room together and unites all of its elements into one cohesive area.

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