In today’s home renovation world, it’s becoming easier to choose eco-friendly options for flooring. There are many green flooring options, especially hardwood flooring, that reduce the use of renewable materials thereby protecting earth. From sustainable flooring choices like Bamboo or Eucalyptus to the type of finish better suited for the environment, the eco-friendly possibilities are endless.

Sustainable Wood Floor Options

There are a variety of hardwood flooring options when it comes to going green. Floors like Bamboo are made from grass materials, not wood, which grow more rapidly than trees. These materials are bonded together in a high pressure, high heat manufacturing process that actually makes them some of the hardest floors on the market.

Other great green flooring options are engineered wood floors. Engineered hardwood flooring is also manufactured in a high pressure process made of waste woods, with a thin layer of solid wood is added on top. So not only do these floors look great, they are made with renewable materials.

Earth-Friendly Finishes

Finishes are vital to the look and durability of your floors. While no floor finish is 100% environmentally responsible, you have plenty of options to choose from if you are looking for a finish with no petroleum or only natural ingredients. The easiest aspect to focus on in terms of an environmentally finish is the VOC content. A VOC stands for volatile organic compound and emit toxic chemicals in the air.

However, it’s smart to remember that just because a solvent doesn’t emit VOCs, it doesn’t always mean it’s harmless. In general, water-based finishes tend to have the lowest VOC levels. Read labels and ask questions. With so many finishes on the market, it’s important to read labels and ask questions.

Hardwood Bargains’ Commitment

Hardwood Bargains is committed to helping save our environment. We have partnered with the American Forest Foundation, the nation’s oldest non-profit forest conservation organization. We pledge to replant two trees for every tree used in our sold products. We hope to set a standard for consciousness and concern for other companies in how we impact the environment. In addition to this partnership, we offer products that are inherently eco-friendly, like our engineered wood flooring and formaldehyde-free finishes.