Hardwood Bargains Has A New Showroom In Austin To Call Home

We’ve got some big news to announce - Hardwood Bargains’ flagship showroom in Austin, Texas is moving!

Starting July 22nd, our new location will be 800 Interchange Boulevard. STE. 101A, Austin, TX 78721


Thanks to all of our amazing clients who have continued to support us over the years, we’re able to upgrade to a bigger and nicer showroom and warehouse. Plus, it’s only minutes from our current showroom, but in a more centralized location better able to serve the greater Austin area. 

As always you can expect the same quality products at bargain prices by the same great team of dedicated professionals. Only now, at a bigger, better, and more convenient location. Our new showroom and warehouse is right in the heart of Austin, between downtown and the airport. So if you’re in the Austin area, swing by and give us a visit. 

In addition to the better location, we’ve also overhauled our operation. A bigger showroom, warehouse, and parking lot means that we have more room to show off all of our 100+ floors and walls combined with an even faster shipping process. Plus, you’re never have to worry about finding parking again. 

Speaking of faster shipping - Our new and improved Warehouse has also let us streamline our entire shipping operation. This means that we can get out your orders and samples even faster, usually the same day that they’re placed. Plus, don’t forget that we cover all shipping in the Austin area!


However, not everything is new. One thing that hasn’t changed is the quality of our customer service. You can expect the same great flooring specialists you’ve been working with and all of the expert knowledge and service that they bring to the table. We look forward to seeing you in our new location soon!

A bigger showroom and a better experience - We can’t wait to see you there!

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