How to Decorate a Large Wall in Your Living Room

Taking hold of the interior designer reins for your home can be super exciting! It’s one of the best ways to truly make your space your very own. And what better way to do that than by sprucing up your living room walls?

Although we understand bare, blank walls can be a little difficult to conceptualize, especially when it’s such an exceptionally large space, this is where you can take center stage and shine! So, we’ve rounded up some of the best design tips and tricks for you to use within your humble abode. From breaking the space up to making it appear even bigger, follow along with these cool tips to make your living room wall space truly unique.  

But First, Why Decorate Your Living Room Walls?

Think about it — your home should reflect you. It’s a great way to personalize who you are and create a space where you feel truly comfortable living. Your room should never feel cold, unpleasant, or as if it’s not truly your own.

A living room wall can be one of the first steps in the right direction when it comes to decorating and renovating. Make some bold décor moves to show guests how you’re progressing along into your new move or latest lifestyle change. The sky’s the limit!

Paint Your Own Art

Why not paint your own art on canvas? There’s nothing that screams more personalization than an art piece (or two) that represents you and your artistic abilities. You can even get your family involved.

Get creative with it.  It doesn’t just have to be a painting. It can be a sculpture of some kind or a cool new photo with an edited twist. You can even make multiple pieces to slew across the black space and create some sort of collage. The look and feel of each piece can represent you and your family in so many different ways.

All you have to do is get started and run wild with it! 

Make the Wall Your Magical Mural

Do you want to go even bigger than crafting some art pieces? Why not make your wall into a mural by painting whatever you want directly on it? This gives you complete freedom to make one large art piece entirely from scratch. It can be a wall of painted plants, polka dots, or even an intricate print.

Not sure where to begin? Start by asking yourself what colors you want to incorporate into the space. The colors you choose can make all the difference by setting the theme and overall mood for the room.  

Pro Tip: Create a light stencil first on the wall and then paint over it. This will create fewer errors and eliminate some possible room for a huge mess. However, remember, perfection isn’t necessary, so let your creative juice flow!

Add Dimension with Mirrors

Mirrors not only make a room look bigger, but they’re also able to break up large living room spaces and give them even more dimension. Create a cool aesthetic with the type of frames that are chosen. Are they round, or do they have gold hardware? The frame itself can do a lot for transforming a room.

Also, ask yourself how many mirrors you desire. If you want several, make it look purposeful and scatter them in a way where they hang cohesively on the wall together. You can even shake it up with different shapes and sizes.

Only want one mirror as the stunning centerpiece on your expansive living room wall? That’s perfectly fine too. You can create a cool look with one and add different types of accents around it.

Pick the Rug up off the Floor

We all love a good statement rug on the floor. But what if you were to lift it up and add it to your wall décor? Yes, we’re serious! A wall hanging rug can add just the right amount of color as well as an unexpected texture to your large living room wall.

Rugs or tapestries placed on the wall have been a huge trend in recent years. They’re able to break up the living space and create a cozy feeling in the room. Best of all, not much else is needed to decorate the rest of your wall. It can literally be your sole focal point.

However, if you don’t want a rug but still want the texture, you can take smaller portions and frame them on a wall. This creates even more of a modern twist on a current trend. We love it!

Personalize with Photos

Everyone loves pictures! Have you ever thought of making your living room space one giant photo wall? This can be achieved in so many different ways. You can create a huge section filled with an abundance of polaroid pictures, or you can create structure for the photos by adding specific frames.

There’s no better way to personalize a space than with pictures of yourself, friends, and family.

Pro Tip: Map out where you want each photo to go before you actually begin hanging them. This will save a bunch of time and allow you to better visualize your space and create your photo wall masterpiece. 

Hang a Series of Baskets

Baskets? Yep, we said it! This has actually become one of the most recent and fun trends to try on your living room wall. Try hanging up a section of cool baskets. The texture and different prints will really break up the space and bring a unique feel to the room.

Baskets on the wall will work best if they are round and somewhat shallow. If they’re too deep, they might stick out a little funny on the wall and create a series of unfortunate lumps.

This method will quickly fill up the wall space in a new way, and it can be mapped out differently to position your hangings in tailored shapes. But where is the best place to find baskets? Dig around your local markets and thrift shops to keep down your basket budget without compromising style.

Make it a Place for Storage

No one can ever have too much storage. Do you need a creative space for more storage or already have a cramped home and are tight on space? Make your large living room wall that extra outlet you’ve been craving. Add cool or funky floating shelves to the wall and fill them with all of your heart’s desires.

Your living space could be transformed into a makeshift library. Or if the living room happens to be part of your children’s playroom, part of the wall can also store toys. Your wall reflects that room’s space, so fill it with items that are cherished and used there.

Pro Tip: Space out your belongings on the shelf, so it looks to be more ornately placed instead of looking as if it’s a visual storage closet.  

Plants Anyone?

It’s therapeutic to invite and grow plants in your space. So, bring your living room wall to life! Make plants the centerpiece for your wall by hanging them or placing them on floating shelves.

Green is also a calming and therapeutic color, so it’s perfect if you’re looking to create a more calming space.

Are you unsure if you want to take care of real plants in your home? Not to worry! There are plenty of faux blooms that can still work wonders to liven up your space.

Final Thoughts

Is your mind running wild with a few of these fabulous ideas? Home decorating should be a fun experience, not a hassle. So, take your time to decide what you enjoy and how you want your space to feel. Nothing has to be decided overnight. Even ask yourself a few style questions. Do you want to create a cool, modern look or a warm, vintage vibe? The choice is totally yours! 

And the best part is the look of your living room wall can be transformed pretty easily. So, don’t feel as if your decorating preferences are set permanently. We all know that tastes and trends change. So, get creative with your wall space, and let your space be your decorating muse!


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