Regardless of the wood species you choose for your flooring, a finish is required. A finish provides your floor with a protective top coat that seals your wood floors from the everyday damage that comes from traffic, moisture, and stains. A finish also accentuates your floors natural beauty by highlighting the wood’s natural characteristics. When purchasing your floors, you’ll have the option of choose between prefinished or unfinished wood. Here’s a breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages to both:

Advantages to Prefinished Hardwood Floors

Prefinished wood floors are the best if cost and convenience are major players in your decision. Their protective coat is applied at the factory under controlled conditions and in the ideal environment for drying and curing. Prefinished wood floors take less time to install since they come pre-sanded and pre-finished. You won’t have to deal with the toxic fumes in your home, which is always a plus.

Advantages to Unfinished Hardwood Floors

Many people opt to purchase unfinished wood floors because the planks arrive to your home in their natural state, allowing you to sand, stain, and finish the way you want to. With unfinished flooring, it’s much easier to match to your existing hardwood flooring than by purchasing prefinished floors. You have the ability to do custom staining, which is ideal for anyone looking to achieve a unique look in their home.

Both types of flooring have a lot to offer to any home. Prefinished wood floors allow you to enjoy your flooring immediately without dealing with harsh chemical smells and hard work on your end while unfinished floors give you the ability to achieve a very custom and unique look.