It's Time To Meet Hardwood Bargains' Secret Weapon...

The Hardwood Bargains team

At Hardwood Bargains we pride ourselves on our service first sales culture and we want to introduce you to the team behind it all. They are responsible for the hundreds of 5-star reviews that we have and guarantee that you won’t find anyone better when it comes to assisting you with all of your flooring projects.

Blake Chaffee

Blake Chaffee of Hardwood Bargains

Blake Chaffee, a native Texan from Dripping Springs, is the Sales Manager for Hardwood Bargains and has been with HB since 2013. He loves HB's atmosphere and consultative sales philosophy that they practice. Blake especially enjoys training and mentoring new salespeople that are new to sales and the hardwood flooring industry. Prior to working for HB, Blake was a Medical Device Sales Representative with Smith and Nephew and specialized in orthopedics and trauma. Blake graduated from Seton Hall University with a bachelor's degree in business administration and a masters in finance.

Jason Chacon

Jason Chacon of Hardwood Bargains

Jason Chacon has been with Hardwood Bargains for over five years. He prides himself on his ability to build strong and lasting relationships among a diverse clientele. His work ethic is second to none and he will happily put in the time to make sure that everyone is 100% satisfied with their flooring decisions.

No matter the size or scope of the job, Jason is always ready and willing to see the client’s vision through to the end.

Colin McElroy

Colin McElroy of Hardwood Bargains

Colin McElroy is going on his 4th year with Hardwood Bargains and has been in sales for twice as long. He loves HB’s beautifully designed showroom, tight-knit sales team, high-quality products, but most of all he loves the HB sales experience of giving each client a custom and personal interaction with a designated sales rep.

When not attending his clients, Colin can be found hunting, hiking, or volunteering at Habitat for Humanity.

Peter Cobos

Peter Cobos of Hardwood Bargains

Peter Cobos started in the lumber business over ten years ago.
Over time, Peter has learned to understand all of the dynamic traits of various wood species by working with them in their natural and raw form. This experience coupled with great mentorship has afforded Peter valuable knowledge that has set him up for a strong career in sales. He has been with Hardwood Bargains for three years now and could not be happier!

Matthew Borton

Mathew Borton’s sales experience started when he was 18. He was a swim instructor for his local Y and started selling enrollment to their various swim classes. After getting his feet wet in sales(no pun intended), he liked it so much that he helped run a sales company specializing in blinds and shutters. This is where Matthew really learned the trade and became great at in-home consultations. He continued to learn and grow over the 8 years he spent their while also taking in as much training and experience as he could get his hands on. All of this in an effort to really see sales from the customer’s perspective.

Matthew loves Hardwood Bargain’s culture of values over profit and commitment to customer service. His favorite part of the job is “hearing people’s reactions after they have their beautiful new floors installed. I hear terms like "life-changing and blown away" on a regular basis. It always puts a smile on my face!”

Michael Robinson

Before Michael Robinson started working at Hardwood Bargains, he spent 3 years working closely with designers, realtors, and architects as a photographer and videographer. This gave him the opportunity to observe many new trends in builds and renovations. It also helped give him the ability to imagine any angle, concept, or end result of a client’s project. In those 3 years, Michael photographed a little over two-thousand homes! After seeing so many different types of flooring and working with a variety of professionals within the housing industry, the transition to Hardwood Bargains just made sense.

“My favorite part about working here is the hard work of its employees. This team is equipped and ready to deliver!”

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