We recently met with a customer who was planning on renovating his living room. The walls were painted, the furniture was picked out, and all he needed was new wood flooring that gave off a rustic style while maintaining a clean and sleek look. This customer ultimately decided on hickory hardwood flooring because its natural grain patterns and distinct markings went with the cozy look he wanted. Hickory wood floors are becoming increasingly popular in the design world, and for a good reason!


Hickory wood floors score a whopping 1820 on the Janka Hardness Scale, making them one of the hardest options on the market. This makes hickory flooring perfect for dogs, kids, and heavy traffic areas.

Distinct Look

Hickory floors offer a unique, rustic look. Swirly grain patterns, distinct knots, and pockmarks give this rusted brown and light blonde wood a traditional, homey style that is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s home interiors.

Our Selection

We offer a wide range of styles of hickory hardwood flooring. From dark chocolate stains to light, natural colors, our selection cannot be beaten. The floors come in both natural and stained finishes that can tie your room together. Our hickory hardwood flooring prices start as low as $1.49 per square foot.