Free Hardwood Flooring Samples Guide

1. Choose your free samples

Select "Get a free sample" next to any of the flooring products you are interested in.

2. Receive your free samples

Within just a few business days your samples will arrive via Fedex to your door. Take note of the quality and color variations between each product. Place them in your rooms using the natural light of your home to get a feel for how they will look.

3. Call or Chat to place your order

If you have any questions prior to placing your order, call 877-85-FLOOR or chat with a flooring expert here at HardwoodBargains.com. Flooring specialists are here to assist you with questions related to product quality, installation and more.

Samples FAQ

How many samples can I order?

You may order as many samples as you'd like for your project. However, we find that when someone is ordering dozens of samples, it's typically in their best interest to first do a free consultation with one of our flooring specialists. In the case that a large number of samples is requested, we will place the order on hold until we have been able to reach you, to ensure we are sending exactly what you need for your project!

How big are the samples?

The samples are 10 inches long by the width and thickness of the product. For example: if you order a sample of a 5" wide x 1/2" thick product, your sample will be 5" x 1/2" x 10". These are some of the largest samples on the market, and we do our best to ensure each sample is an accurate representation of the floor it is sent from. On a frequent and ongoing basis, we open up boxes of the flooring we are selling and send samples directly from our inventory. This ensures that the samples you receive are from the actual inventory they will be sent from.

How much do the samples cost?

The samples are completely free of charge. We partner with fedex to provide low priced ground shipping. If you are in a rush, we also offer expedited shipping on the samples, and in many cases can have them in your hands by the very next day!

How are the flooring samples shipped?

We ship our hardwood floor samples in proprietary Hardwood Bargains boxes via Fedex, directly to your door.


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