UV Oil Finish Maintenance and Repair Instructions {Printable Version}

UV Oil finish has a very low build thickness (thin coat) which results in an attractive furniture type finish. The oil penetrates the surface of the wood, providing a luxurious appearance not seen in conventional UV Urethane floors.

UV Oil Finish can achieve a very low gloss level, even 2-4% compared to UV urethane finishes between 15% and 60%, that reflects a minimal amount of light while still highlighting the natural beauty of the wood grain. Such a low gloss level is particularly beneficial when it come to dents, dings, and other common house hold or commercial mishaps which are much less noticeable compared to high gloss level finishes.

With UV Oil Finishes, less is better. Because UV Oil Finish is thin and flexible, it can handle impacts, conforming to the dent. The finish stays intact to continue protecting the wood rather than chipping or flaking away.

UV Oil Finish is very environmentally friendly. It is made of 100% solids and contains no solvents or after cure products. There is no post-installation off-gassing of any kind.

One of the greatest benefits of UV Oil is its ease of repair. Conventional UV cured urethane finishes are extremely difficult to repair because of the thick finish on top of the wood. Once the finish is broken it is virtually impossible to touch up seamlessly, instead requiring sanding and recoating of the whole floor.

UV Oil Finishes, however, are easy to repair and blend without any noticeable spots. It’s as easy as wiping touch-up oil on a cloth, rubbing it into the wood and letting it dry for one hour. Oil finishes are perfect for commercial applications such as restaurants, where there will be considerable wear on the floor. Hardwood floors will dent and scratch, but with a UV Oil Finish the floor can look almost new in no time.


Daily maintenance is the same for UV Oil Finishes as with conventional UV cured urethane finishes:

  • Vacuum often
  • Dust mop to keep grit and abrasives off floor
  • Blot up spills immediately to protect your floor from water damage
  • Use soft protectors on chairs and furniture
  • Never pour cleaner directly on your floor
  • Do not buff, wax or polish except with products designed to refresh a UV Oil Finish, according to the refreshing product’s instructions
  • Never use abrasive cleaners or a wet mop
  • Rearrange rugs and furniture periodically so floor ages evenly
  • Place mats outside and inside entrances or around sinks and dishwashers to protect your floor against spills, sand and abrasives
  • Avoid mats that prevent airflow and moisture like rubber mats or mats with dense backings
  • Keep pets nails trimmed to avoid scratches to your floor
  • Do not walk on floors with spike heeled or sports shoes
  • Maintain indoor humidity between 30%-50%
  • Never use a steam cleaner. These are often advertised as suitable for hardwood flooring, but the truth is steam cleaning your hardwood floor will result in irreparable damage to the wood itself, regardless of the finish used, UV urethane or UV Oil.


For small scratches and dents simply clean the area and apply a refreshing oil (available from your local hardwood flooring distributor – please ask your retailer) to the area by brush or rag, let sit for 30 seconds and wipe clean and allow to dry. To regularly clean your UV Oil finished floor, use products such as WOCA Natural Soap*. Once a year, use products such as WOCA Oil Refresher. To repair scratches, use product such as WOCA Maintenance Paste. Visit their website for full product information or call 1-800-242-8160.