Initial and Periodic Refreshing of Ready Oiled Floors {Printable Version}

Unlike most pre-oiled floors, WOCA Ready Oiled floors do not need any additional oil right after installation. Instead, it is recommended to mop the floor with a WOCA Oil Refresher one time right after they have been installed.

WOCA Oil Refresher comes in a few different varieties. Natural is typically used for natural oiled and color oiled floors and WOCA Oil Refresher - white is used for white oiled wood floors.  The refresher combines efficient cleaning with light re-oiling, as additional oil penetrates into the wood forming a mat protective layer on the surface.

How To Use

  • Vigorously shake the bottle before use.
  • Make sure the floor is dust-free before treatment.
  • Mix WOCA Oil Refresher into warm water:
    • For traditionally oiled floors: use a 1:20 ratio of oil to water.
    • (250 ml WOCA Oil Refresher into 5 liters of water).
  • For UV-oiled and oil-waxed floors: use a 1:40 ratio of oil to water.
    • (125 ml WOCA Oil Refresher into 5 liters of water).
    • The mixture ratio can vary depending on the wear of the floor and the desired result.
  • Use two buckets – one with WOCA Oil Refresher mixed into the water and one with clean rinse water. First, dip the cloth or mop into the Oil Refresher mixture, wring it out, and run it over the floor. Then, rinse the cloth or mop in the clean water, wring hard and dip it into the Oil Refresher mixture again. This time the cloth or mop needs to be wrung extremely hard before wiping the floor again, in order to leave as little moisture on the floor as possible. It is recommended to clean a small area at a time and as such, the floor is exposed to moisture only for a short period.
  • Let the floor dry for about 2 hours before you walk on it.
  • After the floor drys, If you want a light shine, then you can polish the floor with a white pad.

For regular cleaning, it is recommended to use WOCA Natural Soap (Natural, White, Extra White or Grey depending on the type of oil)

Attention: We always recommend an initial oil treatment of oiled floors in commercial areas or other high traffic areas right after installation.

Regular Cleaning Of Oiled Surfaces

It is recommended that you use WOCA Natural Soap (in the color matching your floor's oil)  for the cleaning and maintenance of your pre-oiled floors. WOCA Natural Soap is a high-quality soap, which due to its nourishing properties quickly closes the pores of the wood and protects against dirt and liquids.


  • Shake the WOCA soap carefully before use.
  • Mix the soap with 5 liters of warm water. It is recommended that you use the 2 bucket system from before: one with soapy water and one with clean rinse water. Clean the floor with the minimum amount of water needed – briefly leaving the soapy water on the floor in order to dissolve dirt. Remove the dirty soap water with a dry (hard-wrung) mop or cloth and rinse out in the bucket with clean rinse water.
  • For very dirty floors, you may need to clean them with wood cleaner before you use the natural soap. For Areas with heavy wear, you can use WOCA Maintenance Oil after they have been cleaned with the wood cleaner.
  • Particularly difficult stains may be removed with spot remover.
  • Black watermarks may be removed with Tannin Spot Neutralizer.

Tips And Tricks

In order to enjoy your floors for a long time, we advise you to use the correct care listed above and read the following tips:

  • It is important to keep a healthy indoor climate, both for residents and for the preservation of the floor
  • A room temperature between 18-21°C/64-69°F and a relative air moisture between 50 and 60% is ideal
  • Affix felt protectors to the feet of furniture and chairs
  • If possible, avoid spiky footwear such as stiletto heels
  • Make sure you have special dirt-trapping floorings in entrance areas
  • If furniture with rollers is used, they should comply with EN 12529 and if necessary, they may need suitable felt protectors installed.
  • Never use a microfiber wipe to clean your oiled floor. Always use a cotton mop or cloth.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s care instructions