7" Embossed Meerkat Rigid Core Flooring

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Built from the highest quality materials, this floor brings the natural look of hardwood directly into your home. This versatile option will deliver that special style youve been looking for. Is your space traditional, modern, or a bit of both? This flooring shines in any decor setting. This floors durable Vinyl Plank planks will look right at home, making any space feel more welcoming. Plus, with Hardwood Bargains exacting quality control standards, you know you are getting one of the best floors on the market. Beautiful, durable, affordable - what are you waiting for?


Product Type
Click & Lock
Rigidcore CLIQ
Wear Layer
20 mil
SF Per Box
1.7 lbs
40.2 lbs
Finish Warranty
25 Years
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Frequently asked questions

What Makes Stone-Core Flooring Unique?

Stone-core flooring, known as Stone Plastic Composite flooring, is commonly referred to as SPC Vinyl. It is an engineered, luxury vinyl plank flooring option that is very new to the market. The main difference between this flooring and regular vinyl flooring is it’s technologically advanced construction. SPC vinyl is a product that is manufactured with a stone-plastic composite core instead of a solid PVC backing. The engineered backing features a combination of natural limestone powder and other stabilizers. This is then topped with a durable vinyl top layer, and finished with a scratch resistant UV cured top coat. SPC vinyl is thinner than a traditional vinyl floor, because of it’s higher density. This gives it better resistance to scratches and dents, or from heavy items such as furniture being placed on top of it. It is also less susceptible to expansion and contraction, making it a great choice for areas where extreme temperature change is common.

Just like a standard vinyl floor, SPC vinyl flooring is waterproof and will not be damaged in the event of a spill or moisture. It is also fire-resistant and extra durable thanks to the tough stone-core. SPC flooring features a glueless locking system similar to a laminate installation. This means that it’s easier to install, while providing the same great looks of any other engineered vinyl floor.


Stability: Just like other vinyl floors, SPC vinyl is 100% waterproof. There will be no swelling of planks or damage if exposed to spills and moisture. There is also very little movement with changes in temperature and humidity levels.

Rigidity: SPC vinyl has a stable core that includes a combination of natural limestone powder and other stabilizers. This makes SPC vinyl a great choice for homes with an imperfect or uneven subfloor. In fact, SPC vinyl flooring is so rigid, that it can be installed directly over old laminate, or even tile flooring.

DIY Installation: SPC vinyl features an easy to use click & lock locking mechanism, which makes DIY installation a breeze. No adhesives or glues are needed for a floating floor!

Easy Maintenance and Cleaning: The easy maintenance is one of the best perks of SPC vinyl flooring! Cleaning and maintaining SPC vinyl flooring is as easy as regular sweeping, occasional mopping and spot cleaning.

Durability: SPC vinyl flooring is uniquely suitable for high traffic areas and other situations where resilience is critical. The SPC flooring’s thick vinyl top layer stands up to the heaviest abuse from pets, moisture,heavy foot traffic, and more. This is the toughest vinyl flooring on the market and a must have for any high traffic commercial space.

What is a click & lock connection?

A click and lock connection is a type of locking floor system that have a constructed interlocking system built in. The planks are specifically machined to “click” and “lock” into place when being installed. No seam glue or adhesive necessary as the planks are built to lock in place. In a click and lock floor the planks are installed with a “click” together method without nailing or gluing down to the subfloor. A click and lock floor is machined to easily snap together, no glue needed. These floors are ideal for floating and make for the easiest DIY installations as they can be floated on almost any subfloor, concrete, or even the existing floor.

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