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ACACIA With a wide variety of color depths and unique wood grain patterns, Acacia is one the most flexible and popular choices of flooring. A Janka Hardness rating of 2,400 also makes it one of the toughest and most durable options, suitable for any room in the house. View Acacia Flooring

BAMBOO The sustainability of bamboo as a flooring source makes it one of the most eco-friendly choices you can make, while it's extreme hardness also makes it one of the toughest. Stylish patterns in both light and dark hues, combined with affordable pricing, make bamboo a popular choice for many homeowners. View Bamboo Flooring

BIRCH The distinctive grain patterns of hand scraped birch flooring can add instant class to any room in the house. Darker chocolate or espresso stained options will create a beautiful contrast to lighter walls and furniture, while lighter stains will brighten any room with sleek style. View Birch Flooring

BRAZILIAN CHERRY Exotic and stylish, Brazilian Cherry (or Jatoba) flooring will enrich any space with natural beauty. Extremely tough and durable, its resilience makes it an excellent choice for spaces from living rooms to commercial showrooms. Eye-catching tones and streaks that enrich over time make Brazilian Cherry a real crowd-pleaser. View Brazilian Cherry Flooring

EUCALYPTUS Beautiful natural patterns in both light and dark stains make eucalyptus flooring one of the ideal choices if you value style and sustainability. This tough but classy wood is highly resistant to dents and scratches, making it well suited to high-traffic areas. View Eucalyptus Flooring

HICKORY This highly versatile wood comes in a variety of hand scraped, wire brushed, distressed & smooth finishes. Color palettes range from dark chocolate to unique grays, and make this a great place to start. From rustic, to smooth & classy, hickory flooring is highly durable and affordable. View Hickory Flooring

HEVEA Naturally lighter in color, Hevea flooring is slightly 'springy' and particularly comfortable underfoot. A softer wood, well suited to lower traffic residential spaces. View Hevea Flooring

MAPLE Much like the syrup, maple flooring comes in a variety of rich brown colors. Hand scraped textures add character, while relatively straight and consistent grains make this a subtle but stylish range of products. View Maple Flooring

OAK Widely popular for good reason - oak wood brings character wherever it is used around the home. Versatile and durable, oak is a regular best seller. Distinctively different colors, grains and finishes make this a must-see collection. View Oak Flooring

RUSSIAN ELM Characterized by unique, unpredictable grain patterns that add eye-catching character to your floor. Russian Elm colors range from natural golden hues to darker stains, providing various options if you are looking for something different with your flooring choice. View Russian Elm Flooring

SONGWOOD Completely sustainable, songwood is manufactured from recycled wood materials. An incredible hardness rating makes it one of our most resilient wood flooring options that can be used in any room. View Songwood Flooring

TIGERWOOD Contrasting grains and an 1850 rating on the Janka Hardness Scale make Tigerwood a showpiece species that also resists dents and scratches. A popular option with those looking for a bright and trendy flooring choice that breaks the mould. View Tigerwood Flooring

WALNUT Straight interrupted grain patterns and warm brown colors give walnut flooring a unique character and stately appearance. A prestigious yet classic option with both hand scraped and smooth finish options. View Walnut Flooring

WHITE OAK Despite its name, our White Oak flooring comes in a huge range of colors and finishes. From deep browns to grays, tans and yellows, this is a premium range of affordable hardwood flooring that will add instant class to any room in the house. View White Oak Flooring

STRAND WOVEN Made from eco-friendly materials, strand woven flooring is manufactured to be hard-wearing. Flexible staining techniques create an affordable range of looks and color options. View Strand Woven Flooring

UNFINISHED Flooring in its natural state, ready to be transformed in any way you please. Premium quality flooring that you can treat as a blank canvas, or keep as-is for a rustic look. View Unfinished Flooring

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