Highlighting a wall with Hardwood Bargains' wood wall panels can be an excellent way to give your interior design that extra special something it was looking for. Hardwood walling is cost effective, and easy to install. In fact, it's a great DIY home project to liven up any room. Wood walling is great for living rooms behind an entertainment center, above a fire place, behind your bed in a bedroom, your kitchen backsplash or just about any other place you can think of! View our walling installation guide here

What is Walling?

Self-Stick Backing

Our featured walling products have inter-locking planks that come with an easy to peel, extremely sticky, self-stick adhesive strip.

Few Tools Needed

Our self stick products can be installed with as little as a level, a saw and a measuring tape. Our helpful specialists are available to help instruct you through the process.

No Glue. No Mess.

Typically, installation includes messy glue or nails to hold each plank in place. With our self stick technology, no additional adhesive is required.

Hardwood Bargains’ featured wood walling products are self stick, with interlocking planks and a thick multi-ply construction ensuring planks will remain flat and secure against any flat surfaced wall or ceiling. The self stick adhesive backs make for easy installation, which ensures these products are great for do-it-yourselfers. Our walling can also be nailed in place for easier removal if you choose that that method of installation. Not only do our featured walling products look great on walls, but most all of our floors can easily be installed on walls and ceilings and are an excellent compliment to any room.

Installation Instructions


View our walling installation guide here!