10 Bathroom Remodel Ideas We Know You'll Love

Is it time for your bathrooms to take a stroll down the remodeling aisle? Believe it or not, a bathroom can actually be pretty fun to style! So, what are you waiting for? When it comes to a bathroom makeover, there’s actually quite a lot that can be done. From the bathtub to the bathroom vanities to the flooring, your personal style can be executed in a series of ways through your bathroom decor.

Since you’ll be spending quite a bit of time going in and out of this particular room, why not make your bathroom look the lavish, cozy getaway you’re craving? 

Let’s take an exclusive sneak peek into how these top 10 bathroom remodeling ideas can fit into your potential remodeling plans of grandeur, shall we?

 Make Tile The Statement

Not only does bathroom tile come in a range of styles, but it can also be laid down in a variety of ways. Allow it to stand out from the rest of your bathroom design by picking out a bold print and then keeping everything else beautifully neutral. Whether you're using wall tile or floor tile, this is sure to make for a beautiful bathroom.

Pro Styling Tip: Make a specific mosaic tile design on the wall that will act as a picture print. It’s a cool statement that can be accentuated with the texture of the tile. This type of design idea can also be personalized to your every whim and desire for a new look.

Design With Airy Brilliance In Mind

If you have a small bathroom, then giving the illusion of space is a great bathroom design idea. Start by making your larger bathroom elements such as the bathtub, toilet, and shower all white. You can then accentuate with marble or lightly colored countertops.

Add some green hues or a few plants to give the bathroom a fresh, airy vibe and a focal point. You can even paint the walls a sage green or introduce a light accent colored shower curtain to make the most of a tiny bathroom.

Tie in the look of the rest of the bathroom with metallic hardware and light fixtures such as a rose gold or a brushed silver. This can give look a more modern bathroom feel.

Feature A Double Vanity

Space is super important. If you happen to have two children sharing a bathroom, give them the luxury of their very own sink. This will allow them to still have their own separate space in a shared room. It’s also perfect for sharing a bathroom with your partner.

Pick out a double vanity that will also offer double the cabinet space. This is perfect for storing additional towels and toiletries. Even if the space under the two sinks doesn’t have additional cabinets, then allow for extra shelving units. This will create visual storage, which is perfect for any guests who need to reach for extra toilet paper, towels, or toiletries.

Focus On Patterns

The use of a cool pattern will aid in setting a new standard for your bathroom space. The pattern can be added with the addition of new wallpaper or within the tile itself. You can make this the statement portion of your bathroom. This would look particularly nice in a guest bathroom or a master bathroom.

You can even feature print mixing as part of the overall look of the space. While the tile may feature one print, the wallpaper has the opportunity to feature another. Patterns can work wonders on space when balanced proportionately to the rest of the room layout.

Allow The Bathtub To Be The Centerpiece

Don’t just add a bathtub to the bathroom’s equation; make it the statement piece for the whole room. Allow for the bathtub to be entirely visible in the bathroom instead of it being installed as part of the shower. A glass door can be a beautiful element, as well.

Allow yourself to have fun with the selection of your new bathtub. From copper to vintage, you have full control when it comes to the look and feel of your bathroom. A freestanding bathtub can be an amazing focal point. Even the faucets paired with the bathtub will do wonders when creating the aesthetics for your space.

For added privacy, add a shower curtain to hang around and above your statement feature.

Cabinet Color Speaks Volumes

Instead of focusing on the look of natural materials for the cabinetry, why not add pops of color instead? The cabinets may prove to be a bold red or do well when styled as a cool blue or mint green. The simple addition of color to these fixtures can create a whole new type of look that’s different from the rest. Either using a pop of color or a monochromatic color scheme can be a great choice. 

Are you not a fan of color on the full cabinet? Not to worry! Try adding a pop of color to the knobs and drawer handles. A little touch of color can go a long way in interior design.  

Have Fun With Mirrors And Countertops

Create the illusion of a bigger bathroom with the use of a stylish mirror. Not only is a mirror an important functioning material for a bathroom, but it’s also a great styling mechanism for the space. Either select one big mirror or a bunch of small ones for an added piece of your glam bathroom aesthetics. Even the different frames your mirror is available in will do wonders for setting the tone for this space, and mirrors on the bathroom wall can make a small space look much bigger.

Use the countertops as a strategic way to accent and add to your overall color scheme. The different materials that can be utilized are a perfect way to offset the rest of the room. Take granite, for example. No one piece is exactly the same as another. Plus, there’s a wide range of colors available in the material that can be selected.   

Lighting Is Key

Not only is quality lighting important, but it also finishes off the look of any room. For example, if your bathroom has a more vintage appeal, then a small chandelier over the sink may be the perfect addition.

On the other hand, for a more minimalist and powerful source of lighting, utilize the light within the edges of the mirror. Notice how each use is necessary for the bathroom, but two totally separate looks are able to come from it as a result.

Create Floating Storage

Did you know you can even give your storage a stylish upgrade? For example, instead of a vanity that reaches all the way down to the floor, you can have one that floats along the wall. That way, you can add additional storage underneath for things such as shower shoes or a basket full of extra towels.

Need even more storage? Get creative with simple yet eye-catching floating shelves. These can be utilized in the shower and next to the vanity. Get creative in the way you want to store your bathroom supplies and how you want each item displayed.

Design With A Walk-In Shower In Mind

Why not make a walk-in shower the main event? You can make it feel luxurious in the way the tile is styled and how you select the showerhead fixtures. For example, instead of a normal showerhead, you can have one that replicates the flow of a steady waterfall.

Select the tile to be more of a stone texture. This is perfect for creating a more natural look with a unique outlet for your normal shower routine. If you want a more modern style, then opt for a glazed/glossy type of tile.   

Final Thoughts

What key styling takeaways are you excited to add to your bathroom? Designing a bathroom can not only be a fun experience, but it’s also a uniquely personal one. Find out what you need to be included and how these new updates will best benefit you, both in the style and functionality departments. Do you need an easy-access bathtub? Or extra storage for your children as they grow older? Every aspect should be carefully taken into consideration as you progress through the exciting bathroom renovation process. So, explore your options, be creative, and enjoy your next design adventure!






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