5 Reasons Hardwood Flooring Should Be Your Next Investment

A beautiful hardwood floor

It’s been said over and over again—hardwood flooring truly changes the look and feel of a home as well as the value. Not only does it add a more traditional, open atmosphere to a room, but it boosts the home sale prices by an average of 6% or more. There has been a movement towards hard-surfaced floors and for a good reason. Wood floors are easy to maintain, better for people suffering from allergies, match most decors, last much longer than carpets, and are eco-friendly. Below are 5 reasons why hardwood flooring should be your next investment.


Hardwood flooring bases its hardness off of the Janka Hardness Scale. This scale measures the hardness and durability of each species of wood and gives it a rating from 0 to 4000. Most hardwood flooring on the market falls between 800 and 3800, with one of the hardest being Brazilian Cherry and the softest being Pine and Fir species. Anything with a Janka rating about 1200 is great for high traffic areas because it will not dent or scratch easily.


With hardwood flooring, knocking over a glass of wine is never a problem. All you need is a damp cloth to clean up spills. There are plenty of options for floor care suppliesHardwood flooring is able to withstand dirt, dust, and grime much better than carpet ever could. Its surface is easy to sweep or wipe clean and maintaining its shine and luster is a breeze. Carpets can trap dirt, hair, and even contain allergens, making it nearly impossible to keep clean and causing those with allergies to suffer.


In a recent survey by the National Wood Flooring Association, 82 percent of realtors polled said homes with hardwood flooring sell faster and often, for more money. Wood floors are timeless, which means they match most décor and give off an aura of traditional appeal. In addition, hardwood flooring often opens up a room, giving the illusion of more space, which is appealing to home buyers.


Wood floors are made to last. From the way they are designed to the way they are installed, they are created to withstand traffic, dirt, kids, pets, weather changes and more. They are resistant to most scratches and dents and if something were to happen to the surface of your floor, refinishing is easy. Simply sanding and adding a new finish can make the floors look brand new. This all means that when you invest in hardwood flooring you are investing in the future of your home. You may have to buy carpet or linoleum several times in the lifetime of a house, but you should only have to buy a good hardwood floor once.


Wood flooring is made from natural, renewable sources. Trees can be replanted over and over again. In fact, options likeengineered floors are mostly made from wood products and other renewable materials, meaning fewer trees are cut down in the process. In fact, Hardwood Bargains is committed to replanting trees, and with ourTree Replanting Program, we plant 2 trees for every one cut down for our floors. Add a better floor to your home, while increasing the value of your home,  all while helping out the environment. What more could you ask for?

These are just five of the many reasons why adding hardwood floors to your home should be seen as an investment. Give yourself peace of mind knowing that the floors you buy today will look great for years to come until you’re finally ready to sell.

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