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At Hardwood Bargains we offer plenty of flooring options. So many in fact, that you may be wondering what they all mean. Today, I’d like to guide through the topic of hand-scraping, and what it means to you and your floors.

What Is Hand-Scraped Hardwood?

Hand-Scraped hardwood flooring is quickly becoming one of the biggest trends in interior design. However, the style is actually quite old and adds a touch of history and personality to any room. This method leaves distinct smooth grooves on each floorboard that recreates an old-world look of craftsmanship, making it ideal for historic homes, or anyone wanting that classic look.

When Did Hand-Scraping Become Popular?

The only option available to colonial Americans at the time were handmade wooden floors. Historically, each plank had to be cut, milled, and sanded by hand and despite the skill involved, they still left marks on each plank.

Today, home renovators are choosing this Hand-Scraped method to draw on the roots of the past while bringing a fun and warm texture to their rooms.

How Is Hand-Scraped Hardwood Flooring Made?

Hand-Scraped flooring is made the way it sounds- scraped piece by piece by hand. No machines are used. Additionally, some artisans will use additional tools such as chisels, hammers, saw blades, chains and wire brushes that add additional texture to the floor as well.

After the artisans have created their desired look and feel, they will use products to accentuate the groves. These can be anything from resins, fillers, inks, dyes, or acids. These are used to create a wide range of looks - finishes vary dramatically in color, consistency, and more, giving each board a beautiful, timeless antique look.

Why Go With Hand-Scraped Hardwood?

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There are a few reasons to go with Hand-Scraped hardwood flooring. The obvious reason is the look. As we’ve already mentioned, Hand-Scraped hardwood has a rustic, historical look to it that can really tie a room together. A must-have for older houses, it can also add a nice classic touch to newer homes as well.

The other reason is that the process of hand scraping the wood makes it much more durable. This is crucial if you have kids who like to drag their toys around on your floors or pets that may scratch the floors with their nails.

Finally, some homeowners simply like the status that Hand-Scraped floors bring. Traditionally they are more expensive and therefore less common, offering buyers a desirable, exclusive look. However, the truth is that Hand-Scraped is virtually the same price as other flooring options these days, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t go with this type if its what you have your heart set on!

What Type Of Wood Can Be Hand-Scraped?

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The great news is nearly all of our hardwood floors are available in Hand-Scraped styles. You have the ability to marry this style of flooring with the wood and color of your choice to make your dream floor a reality!

There you have it -the ins and outs of Hand-Scraped hardwood. Hopefully, we’ve shed some light on the term and explained why you may or may not want this flooring type. If you want to learn more about pricing options or see how they compare to other types of flooring, then click HERE. Don’t forget we have samples available too.