Keeping hardwood flooring clean can be a tricky challenge. Unlike with carpet, dust and dirt has nowhere to hide on hardwood floors. With hardwood flooring comes the responsibility of keeping it clean to maintain its shine and luster. Below are a few handy ideas for keeping your hardwood floors looking their best:

1. Buy Rugs

Rugs are absolutely necessary when it comes to making sure your floors look top-notch. Tiny particles, like dirt, can act as sandpaper and scratch your wood. Put a rug in every entryway of your home and ask guests to wipe their feet as they enter your house.

2. Don’t Use A Wet Mop To Clean

Excessive water can cause wood to expand, creating cracks and splinters on your floors. Try using a slightly damp mop instead.

3. Sweep Regularly

By sweeping your wood floors regularly, you can remove large particles that might scratch the floor if caught underneath a mop. Vacuuming is another great choice to pick up dirt and grime.

4. Use A Cleaning Product Meant For Wood Floors

This means no bleach, ammonia, abrasive cleaners, or furniture polish. Not only will these products severely damage your floors, they could potentially void your warranty. Use products that are solely designed for your wood floor’s finish.

5. Buff Dry With Terry Cloth Towel

This step is optional, but after mopping, drying with a terrycloth towel will absorb all water and give your wood floors a beautiful sheen.