The Top 5 Hardwoods You Need To Consider For Your Next Project

5" Hand Scraped Natural Hickory

Hickory is a beautiful classic hardwood that looks good in any setting. Characterized by its distinctive mix in color tones and its intricate grain pattern which ensures that every Hickory floor installed is unique to the home. 

In addition to its beautiful ascetic, Hickory is renowned for being the hardest of all North American woods and has a storied history in the American frontier. However, while it has kept its frontier spirit, it is just at home in any city. 

5” Hand Scraped Tumbleweed Birch

Birch is another North American classic and a favorite among our clients. It has a straight and even grain pattern and its coloring has less variance than some other species meaning that your floors will vary less from plank to plank. 

Sporting a Janka rating between 1260 and 1470, Birch is a perfect flooring for medium to high traffic areas of your homes. Although, you probably wouldn’t want to use it in commercial spaces or if you have large pets. 

5” Wire Brushed Cheval White Oak

White Oak is probably the most sought after hardwood flooring on the market. It comes in so many distinct colors and cuts that it's perfect for just about any project. Oak sports a strong but fairly consistent grain pattern that many people fall in love with. 

White Oak is extremely tough and reliable and perfect for any high traffic area of your home. It also has one of the largest plank widths available in flooring which allows for some very unique looking floors. 

5” Wire Brushed Granite Bamboo

Bamboo flooring is an amazing flooring choice that not enough people give proper consideration too. It is both tough and flexible, making it perfect for a home with children or large pets. It also happens to be one of the most sustainable species of hardwood on the market. 

In addition to all that, Bamboo also has a beautiful look and texture that adds a touch of elegance to any home. 

7.5 Hand Scraped Natural Acacia

Acacia is one of our favorites around here and one that needs to be seen in person to really appreciate. Its unique swirl grain pattern makes it instantly recognizable and makes for a stunning and unique addition to your home. 

Acacia is also one of the toughest species that can be made into flooring and will hold up to any and all of life's demands. It is a relatively new species of flooring to North America, but one that is here to stay and for good reasons!

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